Advice for Taking Taxis in Prague


Phone a taxi in advance

When booking a radio taxi or cab by phone you get the opportunity to find out the valid price per kilometre and the company name, as well as the identification number of the taxi provided by the company. This option is almost always safe (although there have been a few negative incidents reported).

The most prevalent complaint from tourists to Prague is usually about taxis.

Never hail a taxi from the tourist areas

The taxis at ranks in the most popular tourist areas such as Wenceslas Square, Lesser Town and Charles Bridge tend to be extremely expensive and it’s not recommended to use them. There are also many rumours that some taxi ranks are controlled by the Russian Mafia. Even Czechs are very careful taking a taxi from these taxi ranks or hailing a random taxi.

Use only an authorized cab

If you need to take a cab and there is no phone, make sure that you are getting into an authorized, properly marked taxi. This means that it is clearly marked with the identification number, company name and fares printed clearly on the doors, and black and white checked stripes along the side. If these are missing the driver is infringing the regulations and it is recommended that you use another taxi.

Verify the price quoted by the driver before getting in

The fare must be visible on the front doors. A complete price list including the basic (boarding) rate, the rate per kilometre, which should never be more than 28 CZK (40 CZK at night) and the rate for waiting per minute, must be set on the taxi’s meter as well.

Insist on turning the meter on, or, even better, negotiate the price before getting in. Unfortunately insisting on turning the meter on might not be best option as many unscrupulous drivers use a device which speed ups the meter.

Ask for a receipt

You should always request a receipt (ucet prosim), although the driver is supposed to do so without be asked. The full receipt must contain: document number; taxi company’s name and address; car registration number (SPZ); identification number; date; time and place of departure and arrival; basic rate plus the rate per kilometre plus total distance price including VAT; driver’s name and signature. On the receipt printed out by the taxi meter only the starting point, destination and the driver’s signature can be filled in by hand. If the driver does not give the receipt or if it is incorrect, you are theoretically not required to pay the fare. If not satisfied, submit a formal complaint (in reality of very little help).

If not satisfied submit a formal complaint (in reality very little help …)

If you feel you are being ripped off by the taxi driver, it’s better and safer to submit an official complaint than to get into an argument with the driver. Make sure that your complaint contains the licence number, identification number and company name.

Official complaints: You can submit your complaint on the Prague Council website. But please do not expect much more than an apology.


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