Recommended taxi transport from Prague Airport

Prague Airport Transfers sro is a professional taxi company focusing mainly on the airport and city-to-city transfers. But they should be your first choice when landing at or leaving Prague, as they are highly recommended by travellers. The private ride from the airport to your hotel will cost you about €25, which is cheaper than what you would pay for a regular taxi. All benefits over a regular taxi or even Uber/Bolt are in the table below.

  Prague Airport Transfers Uber/BoltPublic Airport Taxis
Driver Professional with good English Language is often limited only to Czech or Russian Language is often limited only to Czech
Pickup Pickup at the terminal arrivals lobby with sign Outside of the airport lobby at the parking lot In front of the arrival hall
Vehicles Skoda Superb, Mercedes E class range Older mostly compact and smaller cars Skoda Superb
Waiting Time Meet & Greet (no waiting time) On average 10 – 15 minutes No waiting time
Bonus/Extras Free tour, water, map and guide None None
Price From €22 to €28 for private transfer Range from €15 to €40 depending on surge pricing and car model Range from €25 to €40. Risk of inflated rates