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Taxi drivers have a bad reputation in Prague. For some, the profession is almost synonymous with deception. Yet it is not exactly fair to tar all drivers with the same brush. There are still some good, reputable companies and other alternatives which we mention below.

Calling a company directly or booking via their application or website often not only guarantee a lower fee but also gives you an estimate of the price before your ride. Taxi apps such as Liftago, Uber and Bolt are growing in popularity. They are easy to use and help customers to avoid being cheated by dishonest drivers. Although services like Uber do offer a good alternative to taxi-scam artists, their service does not guarantee that you will get a licensed driver. Police often do raids on illegal foreign drivers driving Uber without permits and without the required licenses. New transport legislation is underway and hopefully will help sort out those problems soon.

For transport to/from Prague Airport, use Prague Airport Transfers for the price of a regular taxi.

And remember, beware hailing a cab! Specifically, in highly frequented tourist areas, such as Old Town Square, Karlova Street, or the train station.

List of Major Taxi Companies Operating Taxi Services in Prague

AAA Radiotaxi

One of the oldest taxi companies in Prague. They used to be best choice over the last two decades but now their service is lacking the esteem they used to have. Not very knowledgeable drivers and decent vehicles, but still reliable.

Phone: +420 140 14 or +420 222 333 222;

Prague Airport Transfers

Best choice if you wish to save and get the best transfer from or to the airport.

Phone: +420 222 554 211;

City Taxi

They are reasonably priced and offer Mercedes-Benz E-Class with a good driver. Unfortunately, they do not have many drivers and the waiting time for a booking is often long.

Phone: +420 257 257 257;

Profi Taxi

Decent drivers and cars for reasonable prices. Unfortunately, the drivers and cars are not the best ones.

Phone: +420 844 700 800 or + 420 261 314 151;


They often use Skoda Octavia cars. They also provide an app which is pretty easy to use, as it is fully localized to English and you can set pickup and destination locations using GPS. They claim that they are the cheapest in Prague.

Phone: +420 226 000 226;

Taxi Praha

Mostly operating at the fleet airport under the name Tick Tack.

Phone: +420 222111000;

Modrý Anděl

They mostly use quite new Skoda Superb or Skoda Octavia cars. You can download their app. During busy times, long waiting for the car. Not very professional drivers.

Phone: +420 737 222 333;

Tick Tack

Company was bought by Taxi Praha. They provide luxurious cars, Audi A6, in white color. At the airport they provide their service by Skoda Superb cars. Good but expensive service.

Phone: +420 14222;

Alternative companies

Uber – well-known application. For the cheaper Uber POP service, you usually get a car in just a few minutes. Drivers mostly do not know the city and rely fully on the navigation. Good for inner city rides.

Bolt – on some occasions cheaper than Uber. Most drivers working for Uber work for Bolt as well. The difference is mainly with pricing.

Liftago – something like a Czech Uber, but the price is set by each driver and determined by auctions. They use licensed taxi drivers with cars marked as TAXI. Mostly significantly more expensive than Uber or Bolt.

Lyft – Unfortunately, Lyft isn’t available in Prague or any other city in Europe.


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