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Taxi drivers have a bad reputation in Prague. For some, the profession is almost synonymous with deception. Yet it is not exactly fair to tar all drivers with the same brush. There are a few good reputable companies.

If you are going to cab it around the city, take a taxi from the “Fair Place” stands where the rates have been set by the City Council (40 CZK boarding fee + 28 CZK per km + waiting fee). Calling a company directly can also guarantee a lower boarding fee (see our listings below). SMS taxi services and apps such as Liftago, Uber and Taxify are a popular option. Uber started in the Czech capital in 2014. Still, these services offer a good alternative to taxi-scam artists, but service is still illegal in the Czech Republic and the driver might not have the correct licences. Beware of hailing a cab!


List of Major Taxi Companies Operating Taxi Services in Prague

AAA Radiotaxi

phone: +420 140 14 or +420 222 333 222;

Prague Airport Transfers

phone: +420-222 554 211;

City Taxi

phone: +420 257 257 257;

Profi Taxi

phone: +420 844 700 800 or + 420 261 31 41 51;


Taxi Praha

phone: +420-222111000;


phone: +420 737 222 333;

TICK TACK, s.r.o.

phone: +420 14222;


phone: +420 227 227 227;


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Airport taxi advice

I have been to Prague on several occasions and can recommend avoiding the silver VW cars outside the airport, or make sure your personal accident insurance is up to date. Have also tried the AAA yellow taxi outside the airport they are reasonable if you are not going anywhere east of the river and you don’t hit traffic. Some say about AAA taxi that approach is influenced by their monopoly at the Prague Airport. There was several post about them that their drivers are rude and don’t care about passengers much. Third option is to precook car with some other airport transfer companies but there are also buts. When booking try use some of the bigger companies as they are much more likely to be better, that was my experience at least.

Taxi Fair Place

TAXI FAIR PLACE are taxi stands with operators who guarantee fair charges, integrity and professionalism from taxi drivers, a high level of services and passenger protection against unfair taxi drivers. The operator is not responsible for the quality of all taxi services.

TAXI FAIR PLACE taxi stands were established under the aegis of Prague City Hall, Through the operator, their goal is to ensure compliance with laws related to taxi services, including a maximum charge of 28 CZK/km.


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