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Getting a cheap taxi in Prague may be a struggle, but luckily Uber has been there since 2014. It works well in Prague and is quite a good travel option. So far, Prague is the only city in the Czech Republic where Uber is available, because in Brno the service was banned by a court ruling against Uber. However, the company claims that other cities like Ostrava, Cesky Krumlov and Ceske Budejovice will be added soon.

To start, you can simply download the app onto your Android or iPhone, enter your credit/debit card details and book your first ride. It’s excellent for short city trips. Most of the Uber drivers in Prague understand at least basic English, so you don’t need to worry about any language barrier.

In Prague, you can choose from three options: UberPOP (UberX), UberSelect and UberBlack. The first one is the cheapest one, and gives you a random car of any class. It’s called a ride-sharing service, so it’s not regulated in any way. UberPOP is practically the same as UberX in other countries, the difference being that UberPOP drivers are not allowed to make profit, only share the ride. You can expect older and smaller cars, with less professional drivers who heavily relay on their GPS navigation.

UberSelect is somewhere in between these two. Costs are approximately 30% to 50% higher than UberPOP, for which you will get a more comfortable and spacious car like Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Passat or Ford Mondeo. Those cars are mostly newer models. Also, the drivers of UberSelect have higher ratings and know Prague’s routes much better.

With UberBlack you will get a professional driver with a licence, with a middle-class car, typically a black Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6 or Skoda Superb.

Uber Rush Hours Pricing

Uber controls prices by its own system, by so-called rush hours. Put simply, when the demand is high, Uber prices increase, usually by 1.5 to 2.5 times the regular price, but can be even more. If you are expecting 25 CZK per kilometer and 6 CZK per minute as a standard price, and surge 2x applies, you will be paying 50 CZK per kilometer and 12 CZK per minute. Luckily, you are always notified about the increased price upfront, before you start the ride.

Most typical rush hours are during the mornings from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on working days, late evenings, and early mornings on Fridays and Saturdays.


Service UberPOP UberSelect UberBlack Airport Taxi
Price per Kilometre 10 CZK 13 CZK 27 CZK 28 CZK
Price per Minute 3 CZK 4.5 CZK 6 CZK 6 CZK
Base Fare 25 CZK 30 CZK 40 CZK 40 CZK
Airport to Downtown 350++ CZK** 450++ CZK** 650++ CZK** 600++ CZK**

** Plus 50 CZK extra airport pickup/drop off fee

Is it Safe to Use Uber in Prague?

Yes, it is safe for customers to use Uber in Prague, despite their not complying with local laws. Even though their drivers are frequently penalized by local authorities for not following local regulations, it doesn’t affect their customers. But keep in mind that most of the drivers are not professionals and the risk of being involved in an accident might be much higher.

Taking Uber From/To Prague Airport

If you intend to use transport from/to Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, simply open the app and order yourself a car. If you arrive at Terminal 1, take the Exit D or E and walk over two crossings to Parking Area P1. From Terminal 2, take the escalator upstairs to the Departures Hall and use Exit D.

There is not an official, or a single specific Uber meeting point or parking zone at Prague Airport, and generally drivers wait at short-term parking drop-off zones. If you fail to arrive on time, your driver will probably cancel your ride in order to avoid high parking fees.

From the moment you book your car, you may be waiting for your car to arrive for quite some time, depending on how close it is and the traffic situation. In general, the waiting time is around eight to 15 minutes, but during rush hours it could be as long as 30 minutes or even longer.

Price from the airport by Uber to the city centre can cost from as low as 330 CZK when using UberPOP to 1000 CZK when using UberBlack during the traffic time.

For every booking from to the Prague Airport, UBER charge 50 CZK extra fee.


If you are looking for cheap transport during the night, when overcharging by regular taxis is very high, UberPOP is an excellent choice. Also, for short distances in the city centre, it is a good choice – but keep in mind that due to the daytime traffic, an Uber ride might be longer than using public transport or even walking. If you are looking for a more professional taxi service, especially from the airport, you should rather use recommended Prague Airport Transfers, which offers reasonable prices and a wide range of services. UberBlack is quite expensive compared to the other taxi service operators like TickTack, which use the same vehicles, due to the fact that Uber also charges fees per minute. Even though Uber is very popular, their services are not ideal for everyone. Customers who need drivers with a good knowledge of the city, with proper licences and good experience with driving or other special services like baby seats, travel to other cities, etc., might not find Uber to be their preferred choice. There are also other alternatives to Uber, like Taxify and Liftago. Most regular taxi operators also have mobile applications, like Modry Andel, Tick Tack or AAA Taxis.


List of Czech cities where Uber operates

Prague (UberPOP, UberSelect, UberBlack)

Brno (launched February 1, 2017, UberPOP only)


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