Some Taxi Services Respond to an Infected Uber Driver


Some Prague taxis have introduced measures against the spread of new coronavirus. The disease was confirmed with the Uber driver. Hygienists are currently screening 90 customers, which the driver was supposed to carry. Based on Daniel Tarjovsky´s statement, the Taxi driver association has already contacted the Ministry of Health for instructions or protective measures. AAA Radiotaxi is disinfecting all of its cars; she told Radiozurnal.

Car Disinfection

For example, AAA Radiotaxi has already distributed disinfectants to drivers. “They are obliged to disinfect the entire vehicle before each shift and to disinfect the contact areas after each customer. This means the handle from outside and the inside, or any other surfaces that the customer touches,” said Jiří Kvasnička, owner of Radiožurnál.

Bolt recommends that passengers and drivers respect basic hygiene practices and measures taken by the Cabinet. “It encourages both partner drivers and passengers to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization for the prevention of infectious diseases,” said company manager Jakub Dvořák.

Prague Airport Transfers, which transports clients from the airport regularly is checking drivers and also disinfects cars regularly to avoid any problems.

„Just stay at home“

Other taxis recommend to people who are not feeling comfortable staying at home simply. They also choose practical rather than panic measures. Among the practical ones is, for example, they are preparing for a possible acceleration of cooperation with authorities if they need to trace passengers suspected of being infected.


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