Infected Uber Taxi Driver Drove in Prague for Three Days, and Hygienists Are Tracking 90 Passengers


A man from Prague, who is the first case of infection of a new coronavirus in the Czech Republic without a connection to Italy or another risk country, was driving a taxi for three days with signs of infection. Hygienists tracked about 90 of his passengers, contacting them gradually. He could get infected via Airbnb, as he also rents an apartment using the Airbnb platform.

Authorities are now trying to find the source of his infection. “We suspect the German nationals he has accommodated.

The man drove for three days with difficulties, so he came into contact with dozens of people. “The number has been currently expanded to 90 people he was carrying. Other than that, six additional people include family and close contacts, ” continued Jágrová.

According to her, these people will now be in preventive quarantine. “They will be contacted, informed, and put into personal home quarantine to monitor their health. In case of problems, they will be examined,” said the hygienist.

Jágrová states that the infected driver contacted a doctor on Sunday, having a cough and was difficulties breathing. “He got ill and therefore sought a medical facility. This ensured the transportation by infectious ambulance to Bulovka, where he was examined and quarantined, ”Jágrová further described for

According to current information, no other case of the infected driver was dealt with in any other taxi company.


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