Uber charges cancellation fees even for drives which will be canceled by its drivers


A cancellation fee is also included in the Uber driving conditions. However, the customer will pay a fee even if the driver is the one who cancels the already confirmed journey, and waits for more than five minutes at the agreed place of pickup.

“We charge the cancellation fees to compensate drivers for the time spent on the pickup,” says Uber on its site. The client has the option to cancel the trip free of charge within two minutes of his / her order; then he / she has to pay a cancellation fee.

The fee will also be paid by the client who cancels the confirmed trip after five minutes of waiting at the agreed place. “The application is set to automatically check if the wait time at the agreed place actually exceeds five minutes,” says Uber spokesperson, Miroslava Jozová.

If the customer thinks that the cancellation fee was canceled by the driver incorrectly, they may contact technical support. “Based on the application data, the drive can be traced backward, and it can be seen when the driver arrived at the destination and how long he waited,” says Jozova. If the unauthorized charge of the fee is confirmed, the customer will get the amount back to the credit card registered in the application.

Uber, according to Jozo, also emphasizes the fact that the driver has actually arrived at the agreed place. Also, every driver focuses on what percent of the runs he has canceled.

“Drivers who have a high percentage of canceled trips are being warned. In case of persistent problems of this kind, we can suspend their activity on our platform,” says Jozová.

If the drive is canceled, the application automatically searches for a new car that the customer can use for the ordered ride.


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