Taxis will not be obliged to have taximeters, the government has confirmed


Taxis will apparently not be obliged to have taximeters. The amendment to the Road Transport Act on Wednesday was approved by the government. The draft will now move into the Chamber of Deputies.

“The government has approved the new taxi rules proposal,” states the Office of the Government. Taxis would no longer necessarily have taximeters or roof lights. Drivers would not have to pass the topography test.

The state wishes to allow greater use of modern technologies in taxi services by amending the law, while at the same time balancing conditions for classic taxis and alternative carriers. Instead of taximeters, mobile apps that are already in use by Uber or Taxify drivers will be available.

The Association of Czech taxi drivers does not like the proposal. According to them, their comments were not incorporated in the draft of the amendment, and the proposal causes chaos.

Changes will affect tens of thousands of drivers. In Prague alone, according to estimates, there are over eight thousand taxi drivers, and nearly another three thousand drivers drive for alternative carriers on mobile platforms.

Another novelty is the partial cancellation of the mandatory roof light on the vehicle. Instead, all taxis will have to be marked with a registration sticker issued by the local transport office for about 500 crowns. It would only be obliged for taxi drivers whose services customers will order in advance. The roof light will have to be displayed by taxis that people order directly on the street.


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