Taxi Risk Locations


Beware of Risk Locations

Nearly 70% of all the complains in taxi-service concerns improperly charged price for services provided. Excessively priced services by some taxi-service drivers occur in particular in the locations Wilsonovo Railway Station, Václavské Square, Národní Street, Railway Station Prague-Holesovice, Ruzyne Airport. Staromestské Square, Hradcanské Square, Republiky Square and Karlova Street. Passengers should pay special attention to these localities. Especially when mounting vehicles that offer services in these areas it is advisable to pay heed to the above-mentioned information.

Taxi Fair Place

TAXI FAIR PLACE taxi stands guarantee fulfillment of all customer rights and taxi driver responsibilities.

A short overview of basic customer rights:

  • A single price sheet with a maximum amount of 28 CZK/km
  • Announcement of the estimated price in advance
  • Upon customer request, the taxi driver is obliged to help carry luggage
  • The driver is obliged to provide any required service within his capabilities

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