Taxi drivers’ checks in Karlovy Vary revealed an uncalibrated taximeter and a missing exam


A special team of the Karlovy Vary City Police went into the field to check taxis. The police officers surveyed whether drivers are operating their business under law and regulations. The first results indicated that the dockers didn’t learn their lesson.

“Are you available?” The question most often heard by taxi drivers. And happy because it is the first promise of money. However, when the head of the police officer appears in the window of their car and requests for all the documents, it can also be a problem. And it often means so. Such is the experience of the special Taxi Team of the Karlovy Vary Police Station, who has gone into the streets to check on the taxi drivers after a long time.

“I think we gave the taxi drivers enough time to improve,” Stanislav Makovička, head of the team, said before leaving for the field. He has drawn on the results of the recent initiative aimed at taxi drivers a few months ago. That’s when the dockers from Karlovy Vary didn´t do that well. “An overwhelming majority of them had a problem back then,” Makovička said. And the first check today suggested that the situation could be repeated.

“That’s going to be frequent around here,” said Makovička, after a few minutes when he got into a service car with a bundle of documents from the first checked taxi driver. “He does not have a test of the topography, for example,” he said.

Taxi driver with driving disqualification

“The sinners themselves sometimes remind you of themselves,” he added to another member of the Taxi Team when moving to the next “check.”

As an example, he introduced the experience of colleagues. “They noticed at night a taxi vehicle driving one way in the opposite direction. During the inspection, it was revealed that the driver was not authorized to provide taxis nor have the examination of the topography. The lustration over the police database revealed the most crucial driver’s fault. Until next year there is a driving ban, “the police office recalls.

His words subsequently confirmed the reality. A tax was parked at the Nová louka at the junction. The driver is nowhere to be found. “We’ve already checked this one. If he shows me with the essentials, he did not have the last time, we will let him be, “promised Stanislav Makovička.

Unfortunately, the taxi driver did not have the documents, once again. Upon closer inspection, the police officers also found that the taximeter of his car was not properly calibrated. So, he left the place without the Taxi sign. And with the threat of extra fine.

Let´s check the taxi drivers who were standing at a nearby relay to see if they have paid the parking spaces and go to another place. This time to the City Market.

The third check indicated that taxi drivers of Karlové Vary might not have been so bad. Although it was not spotless, the driver had no records of the transportation, which is his lawful duty after each ride, but he was still “clean” when compared to the two previous sinners. That’s why he got out a block fine. “But the checks end at night,” added Stanislav Makovička a little pessimistically.


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