Taxi driver locked tourist in car


Another taxi driver was caught by the special Taxi team of the City Police. A couple of tourists were allowed to ride from Rytířská Street in the center of Prague to the hotel near Jirásek Square in Prague 2. The taxi driver charged two thousand crowns for two kilometers. The couple did not have that much money, so the driver sent the man to the hotel and left the woman locked in the car. He then threatened the receptionist, who began to negotiate with him.

The event took place on Saturday night. “The taxi driver demanded 1920 crowns for the ride, which did not seem so long to the clients, because the taximeter was not on. They wondered how he had arrived at such an amount in such a short ride. He had to show them the price list according to which he charged that amount,” said police spokesman, Irena Seifertová.

But the passengers did not have the money in cash and wanted to go to the hotel room. “The taxi driver said that only the man would leave the car and leave the woman locked in the car,” the spokesman said.

He noticed the hotel receptionist and began to resolve the situation. “The taxi driver eventually reduced the amount to 800 crowns and let the woman out of the car. The receptionist insisted further that it was still an overpayment. The driver was paid 300 crowns,” Seifert says.

That fraudulent taxi driver was enraged. He tore the banknotes and threw them to the ground. “He was threatening the receptionist that he would have no trouble finding him, and him dying painfully and slowly. He left the place,” the spokesman added.

Thanks to witnesses, the taxi driver was found on the Rytířská Street. The whole thing was handed over to the Police of the Czech Republic.


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