Must Be Renamed. Its Name Deceives Consumers, the Court Rules


The Nejlevnejší (the cheapest) taxi company has to be renamed and its parent company Taxi Prague can no longer use the “nejlevnejší” (cheapest) in connection with taxi service. This is because it deceives consumers as the company is not always able to ensure the lowest price. This was stated by the High Court in Prague, which has concluded the old dispute of Prague taxi drivers about who is the cheapest.

The war between the two largest taxi dispatchers in Prague began six years ago, when one of them, Jiří Kvasnička´s AAA radio taxi, filed a complaint against the competing Taxi Prague with the Municipal Court in Prague. This company has established a subsidiary, the Nejlevnejší (the Cheapest) Taxi s.r.o. and a website of the same name. At the same time, it has registered logo with the patents and inventions office.

Although the slogan attracts customers to the lowest price, it does not always provide it, according to Kvasnička. In his view, that phrase reduces market chances for other taxi providers. Moreover, the company Nejlevnejší (The Cheapest) Taxi does not do any business at all – its only function is that it has its name registered by the parent company as an advertisement.

Because of this, Kvasnička has hired a notary and made 28 rides not only with the Nejlevnejší (Cheapest) Taxi but also with other dispatching cars. Cars of the competing Taxi Prague were the cheapest only in 24 cases. One of its competitors has offered the cheapest price in the remaining four cases.


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