Could you become a Prague taxi driver? Let’s try the topography test


If you want to drive a taxi in Prague, it is not enough just to apply for a taxi driver’s license; In the Chamber of Deputies, there is currently an amendment to the Road Act that should abolish these tests. The topography tests are not at all easy, and even native Praguers will have it hard. The newly established Association of Alternative Taxi Drivers wants to make changes in obtaining a concession.

The traditional taxi licensees’ association argues that a taxi operator should know the city in which its transportation services are offered, and this opinion cannot be but accepted. It is certainly not enough just to know where the important tourist points are and rely only on mobile navigation with online data. Yet some questions may now be considered almost redundant.

Not all of the answers to the test questions can be found in the atlas; addresses have to be memorized and one has to keep the time limit. A maximum of six errors can be made in each circuit separately.


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