Boarding fee for 60 CZK and 36 CZK per km. Prague taxis will increase in price from February


The maximum per kilometer price for a taxi ride in Prague will increase from 28 to 36 crowns fas soon as this February. The price per minute of waiting will be seven instead of six crowns and the boarding rate will increase from 40 to 60 crowns. A new price list for taxi-electric cars will also be created. This was decided by the Prague councilors.

The reason for the price increase is that the maximum prices set in 2006 are no longer sufficient to cover all the costs of the taxi operator.

The price increase is intended to enable operators to provide their services with new, safe cars that meet the high demands on the economy of operation. To do this, taxi drivers need to make a reasonable profit, which, according to a document discussed by councilors is no longer viable.

Compared to the price per kilometer set back in 2006, the current price change will result in a 28.5 percent increase, allowing taxi drivers to cover operating costs.

A new price list for taxi-electric cars will also be created. The maximum price per electric-taxi will be CZK 39 per kilometer. The boarding price will be 70 crowns, waiting time seven crowns per minute. The reason for the prices different than cars with internal combustion engines is, according to the material, that the higher costs of the operator for the purchase of an electric car meeting the requirements for the performance of a taxi do not outweigh its lower operating costs.

In addition to classic taxis, it is possible to use the so-called alternative taxi services in Prague. Customers order rides through apps and pay a pre-set price. According to last year’s survey of the Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, about half of Prague citizens who take taxi rides, have tried alternative taxi services in the past three years. They use them because of lower transportation costs, the possibility to pay by card and better availability.

The booming alternative transport services create a question about whether Prague taxi drivers will be able to effectively apply these higher rates to compete with these applications. Statistics show that most taxi users will be more likely to favor alternative taxis such as UBER or Bolt.

For those who use apps, there is no need for upper limit regulation – they choose the taxi drivers themselves according to price and quality, and they are already competing in the offer below the given price limit.

Traditional taxi drivers protested against alternative taxis as of the past 2 years, stating that Uber or Bolt drivers are illegal taxi drivers.

The Chamber of Deputies is now negotiating an amendment to the Road Act, which deals with the conditions of taxi operation. The rules for taxis are thus likely to be simplified in favor of alternative carriers. Taxi vehicles will no longer need to have a taximeter installed, but a mobile app will suffice. They will need to be provided with a registration sticker, not a roof lamp. Municipalities will not be able to prescribe the color and size of the cars, nor will the tests of topography be mandatory.


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