Barriers to entry to the taxi market in Prague are huge. It will cost you over 26 thousand crowns and 45 hours of time


The total time required to obtain all the licenses required to operate a taxi service in Prague is 45 hours. The total financial cost of this process, after accounting for lost revenue, is CZK 26,440. This results from a study of the Center for Economic and Market Analysis (CETA). Based on the study, the Center formulated a set of recommendations on how to improve the system.

“The net time spent traveling to the authorities, at offices and other institutions, climbed to almost 45 hours,” the Center states in a press release.

The aim of the study was to analyze the complex regulatory environment of taxis and to measure the complexity of individual actions. For this reason, Figurant CETA has personally gone through the process over the past few months and has consistently recorded the individual steps as well as their financial and time-consuming requirements.

Figurant had to attend a total of eight personal visits to offices and public institutions.

“The great weakness of the taxi administration system is a huge administrative burden, which increases the cost but does not have a real impact on the quality of service delivered to the final consumer,” said CETA analyst Pavel Peterka.

Fill in the form and wait

Fill in the form and wait. This is a common feature of contact with the public administration. The driver himself, however, needs to quickly provide the service and make money, so the world of digital platforms is so incredibly attractive to him, ” added Peter.

Certain requirements such as the top-of-the-range exam are already obsolete, according to CETA. Further, the study criticizes the need to personally come to the office to handle various duties and often complete the same data.

According to Peter, the process would benefit the digitization of public administration. “Estonia can serve as a model country where the government is digitized. This significantly simplifies the life for all consumers and businesses, ” concluded the analyst.

Five CETA study recommendations

– Cancel or change the exam

– Modify the meaning of the national license

– Adaptation to modern technologies

– Cancel the price ceiling


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