Two kilometers for 750 CZK. The taxi driver got what he deserved for scamming tourists


The summer season is favored by scammy taxi drivers. Sometimes inexperienced tourists are charged an exorbitant price for their services. The Prague officers have fined a taxi driver who charged 29 euros to tourists for a less than two-kilometer long route.

The City Police have published a Facebook post to thank one of Prague’s hotels, which praised the work of the police. “Let me express my gratitude to the City police officers for their prompt and helpful behavior, which led to the capture of a ‘thief’ taxi driver, who blatantly robbed our guest,” wrote the hotel employee.

The dishonest taxi driver charged 29 EUR, ie 750 CZK, for the transfer from the Prague Main Railway Station to the hotel in Žitná Street. The route is less than two kilometers long. The hotel porter found out about the whole situation once the guests had arrived at the hotel and contacted the city police.

“The officers arrived in a few minutes; we gave them a photo of the vehicle from the camera recording the hotel surroundings and all it took was 20 minutes to track down the taxi driver. Thanks to their professional work, the guest got his 29 EUR refunded and the dishonest taxi driver got fined,” he wrote, expressing thanks for the exemplary work of the city police.


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