Taxi driver, who wanted 12 thousand crowns for 14 km: He made 122 traffic violations


Taxi driver, who in July 2017 in Prague wanted 12 thousand crowns from a foreigner for only 14 kilometers long drive, was violating rule by rule. Police officers have registered unbelievable 122 traffic violations since 2003, that were made by this vehicle. Those include for example: using an unverified taximeter or not giving any receipts. This year, he was caught by city police 17 times.

Every year, on average 9 traffic violations. This cab driver also wanted from asian tourist 12 thousand crowns. Policemen found him and investigators currently take care of the situation.

City police has registered 122 traffic violations since 2003, that are connected  to the vehicle, that is registered under the name of the taxi driver,.

In forty cases of all the vehicle was marked as taxi. Most violations happened from 2014 to 2016. This year policemen in Prague connected this car with offences seventeen times. Most of the offences were reported to the appropriate administrative authority,” said spokewoman of the Prague police, Irena Seifertová.

Only recently, for example, the city police revealed, that the driver used an unverified taximeter or didn’t give the receipt to a customer. By doing so he violated the Road Transport Act.

Punishing the taxi drivers will be easier with an amendent to the law

How is it possible, he can still work as a cab driver? Spokemen Vít Hofman said, that current laws allow withdrawal of the licence, if the driver repeatedly commits the same offense within five years and will be legally convicted.


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