Prague Taxi Mafia


Prague Taxi Mafia

Taxi mafia – drivers tend to overprice. Taxis ordered through a dispatcher are cheaper. Taking taxi in the street always ask for a receipt ahead, check if they switch on the taximeter and say some word in Czech. The fare must be marked in the car. Usual prices: 1 km – 25 CZK, from airport to hotel 600 CZK, from hotel to Prague Castle 250-350 CZK.


Mafia Taxi “Official”

taxis line up just outside the arrivals terminal. These late-model Volkswagens marked “Airport” on their roofs are part of a taxicab Mafia that “somehow” won the exclusive right to overcharge incoming travellers. It’s a comfortable ride that takes about 20 minutes and costs 700-800 Kc to the city centre.


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