Dishonest Taxis in Prague


Unfortunately, there are plenty of dishonest taxi drivers in Prague. The best general advice is to never pick a taxi that stands still in the street somewhere waiting for a customer (if they just sit and wait, they are likely the ones that make up for infrequent customers by ripping off the ones they do get). Instead, always pick one of them that cruises by you in the street with their sign lighted up. Always make sure that the meter is started when you roll away, and check that the price isn’t ticking away too rapidly. Depending on the length of your trip, a downtown ride should never cost more than, say, 100 -250 Czech crowns, otherwise you are being ripped off. f you can! If possible – Avoid TAXIS everywhere in Prague, the price may often be much higher than expected.

If, by any chance, you take a taxi from a taxi station, always ask the driver (before getting in) where the place you need to go is; if you know where it is and you need a taxi, always ask how much it will cost – don’t be tempted to go by meter (they can drive through a lot of little streets and charge a lot of money from you just to bring you to the other side of the street where you are).


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