50 Euro for 2km


50 Euro for 2km

When I arrived and I couldn’t find my hotel, I was charged 50 euros for 2km. It is wise to agree a fee beforehand and if you have no specific place in mind i.e. you ask for a hotel/nightclub, you may easily find yourself on the other side of Prague looking at a large fare, so plan where you want to go in advance. Of course there are still all the old tricks, like going round the houses and fixing the meter, you will just have to put up with that!


There has been many reports that when passengers has been arguing about price some taxi drivers use inappropriate aggressive behavior. Agree on price before you get in to taxi.

Taxi regulations

There seem to be more stories of fraud, extortion and violent attacks committed by Prague’s taxi drivers than in any other city in the world.

Reasons for this were that there were too many licenses issued and no regulation of their activities. However the final straw appears to have broken the camel’s back. One passenger objected to being charger 8,000 CZK (250 USD) for a ride of about 3 kilometres and the City Hall had to step in with a solution. The deregulation of rates from October 15, 1996 had been cancelled and instead the strict guidelines were introduced. Unfortunately it didn’t help much.


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