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Quite sadly

corrupt taxi drivers in Prague are one of the biggest problems commonly encountered by all visitors to Prague.

Tourist spots

Don't even think about getting into a taxi that is parked in front of the train station or at a tourist spots. They are waiting for unsuspecting tourists and are known to charge rates several times higher.


We hate them as much as you do! Czechs hate taxi drivers as much as they despise the police.

Another tip

If you feel that taxi driver will rip you off†purposely make a show of writing down taxi registration no. for example to your mobile - youíre a lot less likely to be ripped off.

Call taxi

Be smart and order a taxi by phone from one of these reliable and courteous taxi companies.

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Taxi Fair Place Sign

Guaranteed taxi in Prague

Improving taxi services has become one of the primary goals of the capital city of Prague. For this purpose the institution of taxicab ranks run by a keeper has been created. Among others the keepers are obliged to guarantee maximum fare price at 28 CZK that has been established by the capital city of Prague. At the FAIR PLACE ranks the keepers guarantee, together with the already mentioned fair price for the service, safe ride, professional approach of the drivers and high standard of the services provided. So far there has been made 49 such taxicab ranks with a keeper in the inner centre of Prague. Moreover the municipal authorities publicated a pamphlet which provides the travellers with useful information - the list of this Taxi Fair Place points, what rights do the travellers have, to what they should look out (issued 100,000 leaflets). The pamphlet is printed in 7 languages - English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and Czech of course, and are for free. The leaflets are printed in six languages and is available in hotels, train stations and in cabs.

Five years ago, every third taxi ride was overcharged. This year, itís still a pretty high percentage, but as you can see, the situation is really improving. But tourist authorities remain skeptical over whether the new campaign will effectively clamp down on the overcharging problem.


The driver is not obliged to accept payment in foreign currency. However, if he/she does not want to accept payment in a foreign currency, this must be visibly displayed in the vehicle. At the same time, in the vehicle he/she must carry an updated currency exchange rate sheet, from which the price for service is clearly comprehensible.

The town council will take away the first Taxi Fair Place label.

Taxi Fair Place label removed

Marking the supervised taxi ranks with the Taxi Fair Place sign is supposed to help the travellers understand the Prague taxi service and easily find an honest taxi driver and thus prevent eventual skinning. In reality, it is sometimes different and very sad that any steps for preventing the tourists skinning by the Prague taxi drivers very often do not work. For the first time, the town council of the capital city of Prague will take away the Taxi Fair Place label from a taxi rank that has failed to guarantee the travellers with quality services including the regulated price. This label will be taken away from the City Taxi company at the parking in Holesovice they manage.

Forty-nine taxi ranks have had the Taxi Fair Place label since this yearís August having been chosen by the town council by means of a lottery. It guarantees the price not to exceed CZK28 charged for a kilometre. The departure and waiting rates must adhere to rules visibly located at the taxi rank.

Please report dishonest taxi drivers at taxi@cityofprague.cz  

We having reports from many tourists that Prague Taxi drivers are happy when they can accept foreign currency. Not because they need it but it is a chance for them to rip you off. So be aware and keep in mind that 1 Pound is not same like 1 CZK .. It seems that many taxi drivers there don't want to know exchange rates.